• We will respond to the “trouble” of the manufacturing industry.

Professional who knows all about themanufacturing industry

We provide high quality consulting specializing in metal manufacturing / processing and automobile parts manufacturing.
We have a wide range of professionals from manufacturing technology, technology development, quality control, production control to management, and we offer the shortest same-day support and flexible support from short-term to long-term contracts.

Are you hoping to be consulted by us on following issues.

・To develop new business using new metal having no experiences before.
・ Do not know which kind of steel, titanium or metal we should use.
・ High yield loss and lower productivity. Hoping high efficiency.
・ Planning to get certification of ISO9001 or IATF16949
・ Operate ISO9001 and IATF16949 more efficiently.
・ I want to analyze the accumulated data and utilize it in management.