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Planning Construction & Installation Preparation for Start-up
1)Decide the products
2)describe the final image
of the factory
3)Check the availability of utilities, especially electrical power
4)Study the building size and cranes
5)Study the necessary equipments
6)Make the specifications for inquiry
7)Check & level the quotations
8)Case study of optimum plant layout
*Material flow and transportation system inside the factory
*Line arrangement of equipments
*Stockyard for raw material coils and products
*Handling of the scrap
*Maintenance and carpenters rooms
*Office and workers room
9)Check the detailed design of the equipments
1)Survey the soil and necessary foundation
2)Prepare power station
3)Building with necessary foundation
4)Put cranes on the building
5)Install equipments with necessary foundation
6)Install compressors
7)Piping and wiring
8)Prepare pedestals for raw material coils and products with some cushioning
9)Procurement of;
*Lifting attachments
*Weighing machines
*Trolley between buildings
*Pigeonhole for slitter knives
*Turn over machine, if necessary
*Lapping machine for slit coils, if necessary
*Grinder for slitter knives, if necessary
*Emergency power, if necessary
10)Prepare carpenter room and tools
11)Prepare safety fences, pit covers, line covers, lightings
12)Prepare inspection station with proper lightings
13)Require manufacturers spare parts lists and drawing for maintenance
14)Procurement of;
*Spare parts
*Maintenance tools and tool boxes
*Inspection tools (rules, caliper, micro meter, gage table)
*Safety tools (helmet, gloves, clothes, shoes)
*Emergency medical kit, fire extinguisher
1)Employ workers and staffs
2)Training of the operators
3)Procurement of;
*Materials for hot-run
*Raw material coils for commercial production
*Packing materials
4)Cold run
5)Hot run
6)Make up computer system for production control
7)Make up quality control system
8)Test run of production control system
9)Make up and perform;
*Documentation system
*Manuals and rules
10)Discussion with customers concerning packing style of the products or delivery, etc.
11)Arrangement of;
*Cleaning tools
*Signs for safety
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